After being involved with affiliate marketing in one way or the other over the past 10 years, it’s safe to say that I’ve learned some really great and positive lessons. Of course, there’s been some tough lessons too. Whether it was when I was working as an affiliate manager, or by simply being an affiliate for a product or service, there was always something new that a person might come across.

Though the basics of affiliate marketing have stayed the same for the most part, in a few ways there has been some improvements and exciting opportunities to come our way as affiliates. Of which, one or two will allow an affiliate to operate so that they stand to make far more commissions which helps to create a much more stable lifestyle as compared to my earlier years as an affiliate.
What are these improvements and why should this matter to you?
The premise here at TheDavinator.pro is to provide as much value as possible to either starting affiliates, or to help already practicing affiliates to improve the profits in their affiliate businesses. Below I’m going to talk about some of these improvements, and also provide some insight into why some of the “normal” affiliate models may not be the best and wisest choice for up and coming affiliates.

At least that is, if you’re looking to build a 6 figure a year affiliate business in the shortest and quickest amount of time possible, which I’m sure is almost everyone…

So let’s get started. Right now, is one of the most exciting times in the history of the net for people wanting to build a thriving affiliate business, and it’s definitely the type of stuff I wish might have been around when I was first giving flight to my “affiliate” wings too!

The High Ticket/Hybrid Based Model – Supreme Master Of 6 Figures Fast

I like to refer to this affiliate model as “The HTH” affiliate model. It’s easily the most powerful and leverage producing model available to us for getting to that 6 Figures/year in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you have the “means” and “open mindedness” to get started with this beast right from the “get-go” and stick with it, you’ll be thanking yourself for taking it seriously for years down the road.

What makes this model stand above the rest?

Beauty baby… pure beauty! She’s hot and slick, and a well oiled “profit pumping” machine…

The model really is a beautiful thing when you break it down into it’s separate components.

You know, the greatest thing about it is that it contains the best of two worlds, well 3 actually, when it comes right down to it.

1. The product line you are representing is usually of exceptional quality (if you chose this part correctly) and the commissions paid out are very high.

With this model you can generally expect to be paid out at least $500 per product. However, in certain programs the pay outs per purchase can be $1000, $2000, or even up to $3000+ per product order.

So indeed, yes this is what we are talking about when we are referring to “High Ticket” affiliate marketing.

2. Secondly, this model also utilizes leverage which means that you can earn further commission percentages based on your customers efforts. So for instance, if your customer decides that he/she would also like to start their own business and sell the product line themselves, then YOU will be compensated for their efforts as well.

It can also work down several levels, so the profits you can earn through leverage can be fantastic too.

This is the “Hybrid” section of “The HTH” affiliate model.

Now I know what you’re thinking…. “Hey man, that’s MLM!”

Well yes, sure it can be looked at that way, but keep your socks on here… It really comes down to the “mindset” you incorporate when you get involved, which I’ll get too in a minute.

Keep reading:-)

3. The List – “It’s all about the list mofo…”

Of course, and I agree. We also utilize list building with this model, and as any smart affiliate marketer will tell you, the “real money” can come in from the back-end sales.

This is awesome because even if your prospects decide not to purchase the initial product you are offering when coming in, you can also offer then other products in the future which might be a better fit for them.

So of course, once you’ve established a relationship with them, and they decide to purchase something from you in the future you still earn commissions from those future sales.

All in all, this is simply a very powerful business model that can’t really be beat by anything else out there when it comes to selling other companies products (aka… affiliate marketing), and without question is the fastest way to becoming a 6 Figure/year earner as an affiliate.

“Hey Man, What About That Mindset Stuff You Were Talking About?”

Ahh well…

In reference to the commonly asked question about the “Hybrid” section mentioned in Step 2.

“Isn’t that MLM?”

Sure, if you want to view it that way. On a serious note though, in case you haven’t noticed we are living in the digital age of the internet. Network Marketing has literally exploded as a result of the people smart enough to use the Internet as a tool for building their business too.

A lot of the bad rap that MLM’s or Network Marketing received in the past was due to the old ways that were taught when having to build that type of business offline.

In the old days people were always taught to “stalk their friends and family members” and basically anybody who would listen so they could present their business opportunity to them.

Thankfully, it’s not so much like that any more. Or at least, it certainly isn’t for the companies that are adequately adapting by creating systems and funnels that work very well online.

Also, when it comes to mindset. When thinking as a “smart” affiliate it’s really simply an added “perk” to be able to earn a much more stable income due to this leverage.

A better question to ask yourself might be, “Hey… why not?”

Doesn’t it make all the sense in the world to get as much leverage as possible when selling other companies products? The answer is “Hell yeah!”

As well, much of the old thought patterns of relying on your down-line for sales so that you can increase your bottom line doesn’t come into play so much when you are simply viewing it as a “perk” to your affiliate business.

In fact, a big part of my own group’s motto is that we NEVER rely on our down-line for sales. We take the business by the horns and create our own affiliate sales. Personally, I love this way of thinking, and as such, it’s quite simple to view this “hybrid” section as the “perk” that it really is.

Besides, the network marketing model was never really an issue. It’s actually a very good business model as many professional “big income” earners have proven time and time again.

So if you’ve always been part of the crew that had Debbie Downer syndrome and thought negatively of network marketing, then it’s time you opened up your mind to the “new age” of digital marketing because if you don’t, you’re really missing out on the possibilities for your life!

The Residual Income Affiliate Model

The second best affiliate based business model is where as affiliates we can make re-curring monthly income by promoting a service that re-bills its customers each and every month, which of course, allows us to receive profits from that same sale continuously.

This is another sweet model which is highly recommended if for some reason you aren’t quite ready to get involved with the big guns who are using “The HTH” model. There are literally hundreds of companies and products that have affiliate programs that do utilize this recurring residual payment system for their affiliates. Some of them can pay some good monthly commissions too depending on the product or service you choose to promote.

Some of these include Website Hosting services, Auto-Responder services, recurring monthly health based products, information based training programs etc…

While this is an exceptional way to make some great money as an affiliate marketer I should give you a bit of a “heads up” here. You’ll want to do a bit of diligence when investigating and researching the products or service you want to get involved with.

For starters, once in a while you’ll find a program where you might only be paid for the first few months residual. After that, the company will only continue to profit from the sales that you created for them. They are out there, and it’s definitely something to watch out for.

When approaching this model there is no reason why you should settle for less than a program that is willing to pay you optimally for your efforts. Of course, as with any type of affiliate marketing be sure the products or services are something you would be proud to recommend to your best friends or family.

As always with all ethical affiliate marketing, it’s best to have first hand experience with the product and/or services.

The Basic One-Off Model

Well, just as the name implies the “Basic One-Off” affiliate model is where you’ll simply be paid one time for a sale, and that’s all there is to it.

Now I’m not knocking it, as there can be some serious money to be made by promoting some products this way. Also, it’s the method most often taught when it comes to programs that teach affiliate marketing and how to go about it.

It’s how I started, several of my friends started, and how most affiliate marketers get going when they are sinking their teeth into this whole business. In fact, recently I found my first affiliate check stub the other day which dates back to 2007 when I got started. I pinned it on my board next to my computer for a reminder, inspiration, and reminiscing.

It’s kind of nice looking at it over there from time to time:-)

Programs like this are vast and there are also many networks available for affiliates for getting into these type of promotions. Of course we’re talking about Clickbank, Share-A-Sale, One Network Direct, and many others. Also, if it’s physical products you are interested in promoting Amazon has literally thousands of them.

Some of the commission structures for these can be fairly good, however, if you are dealing with the Amazon affiliate program the can be quite low too. Personally, it’s not a great recommended type of program to get involved with. I have my reasons why, however others may tell you differently. It’s simply my opinion, and I know my time is better well spent other places.


So to summarize, I’m sure you can understand why the benefits of “The HTH” affiliate model can be substantial as compared to the other two models “The Residual Income”, and also “The Basic One-Off” affiliate models.

However, if you find that you are in a spot where you’ve simply decided to start with one of the last two models
discussed then I highly suggest (or no, I should say) that YOU MUST at least incorporate a list-building component into your marketing plan.

I briefly discussed the total importance of doing this above, but we’ll dive into list-building on a much grander scale in future posts!


Welcome to TheDavinator.Pro, and also, the first post about “high ticket affiliate success” of this blog.

It’s been after a fair bit of thought and preparation that I decided to create this blog. I felt it would be of great help to the many people out there who are thinking of getting into their own home business, and in particular, for those wanting to build their own “high ticket” affiliate business.

I’ve created this blog for a few different reasons:

1. For readers to follow along as we chart own journey into building out “high ticket” affiliate businesses. We felt it could be an excellent resource if you’re looking for helpful content when it comes to building your own affiliate businesses.

2. To share with you some of the pitfalls, mishaps, blurbs, and downright catastrophe’s that we may encounter along the way. It’s our hope that we can save you from making some of the same mistakes or errors in judgment that we may make, as we learn more from some trial and error ourselves.

3. To share everything that “really works well” for us as we go through the motions of creating profitable, scalable, and profit producing “high ticket” affiliate business models.


  • When we find a method to improve the R.O.I (Return On Investment) with your business, you’ll hear about it…
  • When we locate an excellent traffic method that is cost effective and converts better than others, you’ll hear about it…
  • If we find better ways to approach prospects, or which opportunities are better than others…you’ll hear about that too.
  • The most profitable types of products to sell? When we find them, we’ll let you know!

In other words, whenever we come across something that is going to help you get up and running faster, and becoming more profitable, we’re going to keep you “in the know”.

No question, this is a business, and there are going to be “ups” and “downs”, however TheDavinator.Pro is going to be here to help out as much as we can.

4. To hold ourselves accountable to our own affiliate businesses. It’s been proven time and time again, that when you make a declaration to the world that you are going to chart your journey to success with others, it helps you personally to keep moving forward.

For that reason, I’ve created it to help us to stay motivated ourselves, so that when we have our “wins” we’ll be excited to share those with the readers of the blog.

Once again, welcome to TheDavinator.Pro. Let the journey begin!