The Authority Site System Review – 2017/2018

You should be, and YOU CAN BE considered an authority in your chosen niche.

The fact is, that each of us should always be striving to gain more authority, and be seen more as a leader for helping others to achieve a goal that they wish to attain. Taking on the challenge of becoming a highly regarded authority in your field is one of the MOST important things that YOU are GOING to attain, when you take it on correctly.

The Big Picture – Why The Authority Site System

Why? It’s simple really. When people see you as an authority, then your target audience will value their experience with you more, like you more, and come to trust you much more too.

This in turn, of course will lead to many more sales for your business, and also help you to attain the dreams and lifestyle that you’re striving for yourself! Great stuff, yeah?

But how does one do this, and what is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle?

Well, one of the best ways to do this is to build yourself an authority site. This all begins with starting out on a solid foundation to build upon. Most expert marketers will tell you that this can be one of the most important assets that you could possibly have for yourself when building your business.

Again… why? Because you own it!

Unlike a social media channel that you may have built a solid presence on, they could decide to shut you down at any given moment, and then what? If you’re like many people who have gone through something like that (which I personally have), then you have to start all over again. Now, that’s a sad thing. Don’t you think?

It’s for this reason that I decided to do a review of The Authority Site System for you. One of my own mentors, Miles Beckler and his wife have used this same framework and model to build several authority sites with. By utilizing an authority site, along with a solid YouTube presence and channel, these can be your most solid business building properties for setting you up for success. Miles put me on to this, and it certainly did peak my interest. I own the course myself, and as such will help me to give you a good and honest review.

As well, this very site you are on today is being built-out using the foundation and methods found within this course. If you had a look into the back-end of this site, you would see what I mean!

**The Authority Site System Review – Let’s Dig Into It!**

Here’s is the rundown of what’s in store for you:

The Authority Site System is broken down into an Introduction, a How To Use This Course Module and the main 5 Core Modules. I’ll elaborate more on each section below for you.

Introduction – Getting Started

In the introduction you’ll learn about the the Authority Site Business model as a whole.

You’ll learn why this type of business model is important, and also about what goes into making an authority site great including the strategies behind making it successful. As well, you are shown several examples of very good authority sites that are already very successful.

They cover why each site is successful, the money making strategies that each site uses, and  talk to you about some of the info the sites use to keep their readers engaged in their content.

This is good for you, as it really gives you a nice “birds eye view” of the goal you’re going to set out to accomplish with the rest of the course material.

Moving forward from there Gael Breton (one of the course creators) takes you through the 3 different stages that an authority site goes through, starting from beginning is Stage 1, to the further development in Stage 2, and of course, becoming a full fledged authority site as you build out through the processes of Stage 3.

How To Use This Course

In this pre-course Module you’ll be taken through an overview about how to use this course to gain the most from it right from the start.

Here’s the videos included inside, and what you’ll learn:

  • How To Use This Course
  • Stage 1 Authority Site Examples
  • A Word On Consistency and Expectations
  • Intro To The Trello System & Productivity Overlook

Module 1
The Basics Of Online Marketing

Now that you’ve seen how to use the course and a few other things, it’s time that Gael & Perrin (Authority Hacker creators) begin teaching you the basics of online marketing.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Websites Get Traffic
  • How Websites Make Money With Ads
  • How Websites Make Money With Affiliate Networks
  • How Websites Make Money With Products
  • What Is SEO and Why We Like It
  • Setting A Budget For Your New Site

Module 2
 – Keywords & Niche Research

This module is a little beefier this time, as the content really starts getting into the core foundations of a very important aspect for creating an Authority site, keyword research and niche selection.

You’ll learn the following to get you started right:

  • Why Your Niche Should Be a Passion, Lifestyle or Problem
  • Brainstorming an Initial List of Niches
  • Broad Niche Research & Initial Shortlisting
  • Competitor & Monetisation Research
  • In Depth Niche Research – Competitors
  • In Depth Niche Research – Physical Products
  • Advanced Niche Research – Info Products
  • Final Shortlisting
  • Site Structure 101
  • Mapping Out Your Commercial Content
  • Mapping Out Your Info Content

Module 3
 – Setting Your Site Up

Next, some of the fun stuff really begins as YOU learn all about setting up your site.

Inside, the videos and information contained are the following:

  • Picking A Domain Name
  • Why WordPress is the Only Alternative
  • Hosting, SSL & Site Speed
  • Installing An SSL Certificate
  • Cloudflare Setup
  • Picking A Theme
  • Basic Branding & Design
  • WordPress SEO and Optimization
  • Amazon & Affiliate Setup
  • Thrive Content Builder
  • All About Sumome
  • Building Your Site Structure
  • Final Tweaks
  • Building Your Persona
  • Disclaimer, Privacy Policy & Contact Page
  • Claiming & Linking Social Media Profiles
  • The Blog Section
  • Creating Feature Images
  • Building Your Home Page

Module 4
 – Getting Your Commercial Content Up

In this section of the training you’ll be diving into some of the content that is going to be featured on your Authority site. The main focus of this module is making sure that your Commercial content is written, formatted, and is essentially ready to generate sales and revenue for your site.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why You Should Write the First 10 Articles Yourself
  • Content Specs & Standards
  • The 2 Types of Review Content
  • Briefing & Writing Individual Product Reviews
  • Briefing & Writing Roundup Product Reviews
  • Outsourcing Content

Module 5
 – Info Content & Link Building

In the last and final module about this The Authority Site System review, the guys are going to get you going with info content and link building. They decided to put this info together since the two of them really do go “hand in hand” with one another when it comes to getting links, and driving traffic with some of the other methods discussed.

The end goal of this module is so that your info content is live and that you have white-hat links coming into your authority site, that are very high quality, sharable, and look great for your site.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s inside this module and what you’ll learn:

  • Creating Pillar Skyscraper Content Articles
  • Uploading Content & On Page Optimization
  • Formatting Round Up Reviews
  • Optimizing Single Product Reviews
  • Complying With Amazon’s Terms Of Service
  • What Makes A Good Link
  • Why You Should Focus On Link Building Basics
  • How To Find Prospect Emails
  • Setting Up Your Gmass Outreach Environment
  • Gmass Auto-Followup
  • The Skyscaper Method
  • Guest Posting
  • Resource Pages Link Building

But Wait… There’s More!
(Extremely Important – Ongoing Support)

In addition to all of the course Modules and training there is also on-going support from not only the course creators themselves, but also, from each of the other members.

When you become a member of The Authority Site System training, you’ll be exposed to regular Q&A Webinars from Gael Breton and Perrin Carrell (the course creators), and also, you’ll be accepted into their very own private Facebook group where you can mingle with other members, ask questions, and also hang out with a supportive community of people who are all striving for a common goal.

Let me be the first to tell you, if you haven’t heard this before. This is important stuff! If you’ve had any experience in the past with working from home, or owning your own home business, then you know first hand how “lonely” it can actually be sometimes.

Also, it’s important to surround yourself with people who are “like-minded” and supportive of one another. This is an awesome perk for YOU, and it’s tough to put a price tag on something like that.

I mean, “Isn’t that what a lot of people want in their lives? To be accepted, and supported in the decisions that they are making for their lives?” I think so, and I’m sure you would agree.

In fact, here is exactly what you’ll be getting when you join The Authority Site System.

The Authority Site System Review

The Authority Site System Review – The Pros & Cons?

Now, with all of the positive aspects and good solid foundations that this course can deliver on when it comes to starting and building your own authority site, it would be silly for me to say that’s everything is perfect, and that everything is just “blue skies” with it.

As with everything in life, or every course out there, there are always Pros & Cons. That said, below is some of what I consider to be the important “positives” and “negatives” that should be mentioned to give you an adequate assessment.

  • Let's Look At The Pros:

  • Thorough training and coverage of why having YOUR OWN authority site is so important to your business
  • Teaches the technical aspects of what’s needed in the back-end, and how to set things up of for your authority site very well.
  • Fair coverage of the types of commercial content and info content pieces that you should be publishing on your site.
  • Good examples provided, as well as their own “case study” site where you can follow along to see things from “start to finish”.
  • Well put together “white hat” linking practices that will get you going in the right direction quickly.
  • And of course… the on going support from the regular Q&A webinars sessions, and the support form the members Facebook group.
  • It’s a One Time investment – no monthly recurring fees to be a part of the Facebook group included, or attend the Q&A webinars
  • Let's Look At The Cons:

  • Additional costs will be required if you decide to go with their suggested keyword or SEO recommendation tools (there are other alternatives here though)
  • Real work is required – taking action with the provided course training is absolutely necessary to see results. This is a serious “no fluff” business model, not some magic “Bullshit” bullet product you see many “so called” gurus pedal. It’s for very serious people only.
  • At times, I did find Gael’s french accent a bit tough to understand. However, all in all he’s a very good trainer.

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