The Super Affiliate Network Review – Scam Or Not?

“Don’t Let Some Of The Claims Fool You!”

Welcome to The Super Affiliate Network Review here at TheDavinator.Pro. As you know, the focus of this site and blog is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

One such high ticket affiliate marketing program that has been picking up a lot of steam in that past couple of years is The Super Affiliate Network. This is especially true in the last year of 2017. Yes, it started out slow in the beginning stages, however, it really took off like a shot recently and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Nope, it looks like The Super Affiliate Network (SAN) is here to stay for the long run.

So is this increasing popular program all it’s cracked up to be, or is the SAN program simply some type of scam, as some people *who arent* “in the know” are claiming it to be?

Well, that’s exactly why this Super Affiliate Network Review has been put together for YOU. This will help you out in deciding weather this particular program might be a good fit for you or not.

Alright, so let’s take a look, and start by giving you a little bit of the background behind The Super Affiliate Network, and it’s creator Misha Wilson.

The Super Affiliate Network Review – It’s Origins

Misha Wilson (the program’s creator ), got his start like many of us do in this whole online marketing space. He started out as an affiliate marketer selling products with low-end to semi-mid level commissions, and though he was finding some success he quickly found that is was a total struggle to create a satisfactory full time income from it. He was realizing fast that the “time overhead” and “cost overhead” as well were more than he had bargained for.

Additionally, he was completely “sick to death” and fed up with how many of the “guru” types were always shifting him in so many different directions, always promising that this “next one thing” would make all the difference for him, only leaving him to be extremely disappointed … yet again.

Have you ever been there and felt like that? It’s my guess, that you certainly have… and yeah, it totally sucks!

Yes, that part of this industry can sometimes be a total “let down” when you learn that many of the “gurus” don’t have your best interest at heart for you at all. To the contrary, they like to keep people stuck, struggling, and over-whelmed so that you’ll continue to purchase their next so called “big thing”. I can totally relate and agree with Misha on this point, and it’s also one of the “major” reasons this site exists FOR YOU today too.

I mean, I’m sure you’re a lot like me. You “want” and “need” something that is as streamlined, step-by-step, and as efficient as possible to get you to where you want to go fast, right?

Now, thankfully Misha did eventually find his breakthrough after several years of struggling and much of it also had to do with his decision to take “high ticket affiliate marketing” very seriously. It was then, that he decided to create The Super Affiliate Network which is all designed to give you a clear path to where you want to get with your business, in the shortest amount of time possible… and WITHOUT any of the “confusion games’ that many of the guru types like to play with our minds!

“Looking Underneath The Hood Of The Super Affiliate Network”

When you first sign up and enter into the SAN membership area you are greeted with a Welcome page which contains an informative video explaining to you the “Why’s” of TheSuper Affiliate Network, high ticket affiliate marketing models, and also contains a number of steps for you to go through.

One of the very first steps is to get in touch with your new Coach. Next, you’ll sign up for The Insiders Club, and also The Daily Freedom Calls. You’ll see this covered more in the video contained with this Super Affiliate Network Review.

It’s important to note that at the time of this writing that you can actually “Sign Up” for a mere $1.00 trial. You are presented with other options of course, which gives you some value options on the monthly membership, or you are given a chance to pay for a full year “up front” which gives a fair reduction of what it would cost you if you stuck to the “month to month” plan.

The Super Affiliate Network Boot Camp

It’s The Super Affiliate Network Boot Camp that you’ll actually be going through when you first become a member. This is a 3 Phase Boot Camp, however, each of the Phases contains several Modules within each of them, totalling 18 Modules in all. I’ll cover what each of these Phases are and what is contained in each of them below for you.

One thing I will say about this boot camp on first impression is that Misha Wilson does an exceptional job of explaining why promoting “high ticket products” is so IMPORTANT to your success. Also, he goes on to explain how it’s “without question” the fastest way to creating a 6 Figure per year business for yourself, in the shortest amount of time possible.

Misha’s definitely learned well from the mistakes he made early on with affiliate marketing, and this is really good thing thing. He’s on point here, and makes some very valid points. It’s very hard to scale to 6 figures per year when you are attempting to do it with paltry Amazon commissions, or lower end commissions that several affiliate networks are only willing to pay out.

Here’s the rundown of what is included inside each of *The 3 Phases* of the SAN Boot Camp:

Phase 1 – Laying The Foundation

Module 1The Super Affiliate Network Review

– Strategy VS Tactics and How To Lay The Correct Foundation

Module 2

– The 5 Pillars Of Profitability Online

Module 3

– The Millionaire Mind and The Subconscious Phenomena

Module 4

– The Most Lucrative Industry In The World and The Anatomy Of A Million Dollar Sales Funnel

Module 5

– The Guaranteed Success Formula, and An Introduction To The Ultimate Lifestyle

Module 6

– How To License My Tested and Proven Multiple Seven Figure Info Marketing Empire

Phase 2 – Launch Your Business

Module 7

– Setup, Plug-In and Take Off With With Your Super Affiliate Network

Module 8

– The 5 Laws Of Scaling and The 4 Stages Of Growth

Module 9

– Followup Mastery

Module 10

– The Pop Corn Effect

Module 11

– How To Drive The Car Of Your Dreams 100% Free

Module 12

– How To Make 5X As Much With Zero Extra Work Through Leveraging The Power Of Positioning

Phase 3 – Scaling Your Cash Flow

Module 13

– 5 Steps To Targeted Traffic That Actually Converts

Module 14

– The 7 Figure Club

Module 15

– The Keys To The Kingdom – Your Million Dollar Team

Module 16

– Motivation VS Inspiration, and The Key To Creating Your Perfect Lifestyle

Module 17

– 12 Differences Between Wannabes and Real Entrepreneurs, and My 6 Figure Affiliate
Marketing Eco-System

Module 18

– Proper Goal Setting

SAN – Additional Components/Upgrades

In addition to the Boot Camp, this Super Affiliate Network Review certainly wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the additional components, and optional upgrades that are available to members. As with most programs such as this, they do have some features in place to help keep you motivated and moving forward from week to week, as well as a supportive community for you to access.

Let’s take a look at these now:

The Super Affiliate Laws

A person may perceive this section as kind of “cheesy” or depending on their mindset, very helpful too for helping them to get into Super Affiliate mode. Personally, I think this part of the membership is pretty cool and if taken seriously would indeed help to keep a person moving forward by developing some good habits as an affiliate marketer. Either way you look at it, the intention here is to help you to keep taking consistent action, and to build your business with values and integrity.

The SAN Laws are basically a “code of ethics” that each member is expected to live by within the community. In total there are 8 Laws. The intent of each law is certainly good, and do provide some solid value when it comes to “morale” as a member of The Super Affiliate Network.

This section of the membership provides 8 video lessons explaining the different laws and how to apply them as you move forward when building your business. Some pretty good stuff in here… If you decide that the SAN network looks like a good fit for you, I’ll leave you to judge this section for yourself, as it really comes down to an individuals personal perspective.

The Insiders Club

This Insiders Club is the Super Affiliate Networks own Facebook group. It’s a private community where you can come to ask questions, get some support from other members if you’re struggling with something, or to simply make some new friends within the community.

Of course, FB groups with online programs are quite common these days, however, this is important stuff. I’ve always been a “stickler” for being able to have a place to come to hang out with “like minded” individuals, and I’m happy to see that they are providing this for their members.

Daily Freedom Calls

The Daily Freedom calls are designed to get you “pumped up” and “plugged in” every day to keep moving yourself forward. These calls contains strategies that some of the more successful members are using to build their business. On the calls they share this stuff with the newer members to help them along too. As well, the calls contain mindset training to get your day going in a positive way.

The Upgrades

Pro Membership

The Super Affiliate Network does of course have an upgrade to Pro Membership.

This really is no surprise here, and it’s common with most “high ticket affiliate marketing” programs of this type. When you upgrade to Pro then it opens up more advanced training, perks for Pro members, access to Pro member calls etc.

Also, it opens up the opportunity for you to be paid much higher commissions when other members join through your own marketing efforts. If another member joins through your marketing efforts on the front end, of course you are paid a monthly commission for that. However, if you are a Pro member, and that same person who joined through you decided to upgrade to Pro as well… then you are paid $1000 dollars for that sale.

It’s here where you can really start to bank some great money. I’m writing this on January 8, 2018, and shortly they are also introducing a few more high end commission into the mix too. This is to bridge the gap between between their entry level membership, and their highest top end commission which is very lofty. You’ll be exposed to what these commissions are if you decide to join, or simply take it for the $1 trial.

Either way you look at it, there is some serious money to be made here, and it’s also the reason that “high ticket” is the quickest way to 6 figures annually.

The Maui Intensive

The Maui Intensive is SANS flagship product. This is a live event held a few times per year, obviously, in Maui, Hawaii. This is where members can go and mingle with one another, learn very advanced business building strategies… and have one hell of a great time too!

There’s too much to list here as to what you’ll get with each Maui Intensive, and also, they switch things up from time to time, so it’s going to depend on which one you might decide on attending. It’s a great opportunity to meet some of the most successful people in the Super Affiliate Network in person, and to learn from them too.

The Super Affiliate Network Review – Is It A Scam Or What?

Alright, so the question I’m sure you might be asking yourself answered at last.

The answer is simply “NO”.

There is nothing that indicates to me that this program is a scam is any way whatsoever. They have literally dozens of 6 Figure earners “walking the walk” and living the lifestyle that they were promised they could once they’ve reached a certain level. I’ve never heard of anybody bitching about not being paid their due commissions or any of that nonsense.

Fact is, from everything I’ve seen from The Super Affiliate Network they are a very strong willed group of individuals attempting to build their business with ethics, values and integrity. Next, they are paying it forward to each “new” member who comes on-board. If you come to understand what the Super Affiliate Laws are, you would come to know that this program is trying to put an end to a lot of the bullshit that we see out there in the online marketing space, and attempting to change things in a very positive way.

Now, I have seen some negative reviews out there online about SAN, however, if you look closer at practically all of these reviews, they’re coming from people who aren’t even members and/or never really put in the effort that this type of opportunity deserves.

Also, some of these negative reviews are created to do nothing more than to push visitors of those sites to the program that the particular marketer who owns the site is trying to promote. In other words… false and fictionalized reviews, and not based on the facts.

Personally, I give The Super Affiliate Network an enthusiastic two thumbs up for their business practices, values, the integrity of it’s members, and also their strong desire to make some serious positive change to the Internet Marketing space as a whole!

The Super Affiliate Network Review – The Pros & Cons?

Of course, I’m a huge believer in the whole “High Ticket” affiliate marketing model. Also, as mentioned in this review, I certainly do find that there are some “good” to “excellent” elements that are all a part of becoming a member of The Super Affiliate Network.

However, each and every program out there certainly does have some flaws. There’s Pros & Cons to everything. That said, below is some of what I consider to be some  great “perks”, or not so great “vibes” that should be mentioned to give you a better assessment for yourself.

  • Let's Look At The Pros:

  • Exceptional foundational training as to why a “High Ticket” affiliate marketing business is your best choice as a business model when you are wanting to reach the 6 figured per year mark ASAP.
  • Great training on affiliate marketing funnels that “do” work best for this type of business model.
  • Very good training on Best Practices “follow up sequences”.
  • Easily understood traffic training for starting to drive traffic to your affiliate funnels in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • When it comes to “closing” and “converting” your “High Ticket” sales The Super Affiliate Network does all of the hard work for you. They reach out to prospects interested in the Pro Upgrades personally, and coach them on ways to make upgrading possible for them.
  • Great support. Each member is assigned a personal coach to whom they can reach out to whenever they may need help with something.
  • Very good support system. SAN keeps it’s members motivated daily with LIVE Freedom calls.
  • By providing The Insiders Club inside of Facebook it allows members to go and mingle with the more successful members who have already achieved a great level of success, ask questions of other members… and simply feel a part of a thriving community.
  • Let's Look At The Cons:

  • I feel the training on some paid traffic methods such as Facebook or Youtube could be improved, and cover more advanced strategies and how to “scale” systematically could be improved.
  • The cost to Upgrade to Pro membership is somewhat costly. However, it opens up a great “high ticket”commission structure, and more advanced training, and “one on one” support. That said, the price is certainly in keeping with other programs of this nature, some of which, don’t offer as much value as The Super Affiliate Network.
  • Leads at the moment must be downloaded into a CSV file, and then later imported into the Auto-Responder system of your choice. It would be nice to see better “integration” here within the platform itself.

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